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Carhartt Testimonial

by Elizabeth Abdalla on September 02, 2020

When searching for workwear you want to know the claims that brands make can be substantiated. We interviewed a seasoned 35-year retired First Energy linesman from Cleveland, Ohio for this blog and asked about his experience with fire-resistant clothing. We wanted to find someone who was not only adept in the field, but weathered the changing seasons, and experienced fire-resistant clothing from its early years.

As some companies do, First Energy supplied their workers with a $750 fire-resistant clothing budget on a yearly basis. Our linesman, Mike, took that budget and invested in Carhartt gear.

He said he would give Carhartt 4.5 out of 5 stars. Overall he was very pleased with the quality, durability, and ease of movement the Carhartt fire-resistant clothes provided.

Reviews Of Specific Clothing Items

When asked about the Carhartt brand he gave us specific information about different pieces of clothing.

Carhartt FR Cargo Pants
  • Great relaxed fit
  • Doesn’t restrict movement
  • Seams don’t chafe
  • High-quality non-conductive metal button
  • Deep pockets-never lost belongings
  • Lasted a year
He went on to say he wore these pants outside of work and they were likely worn five days a week. The only way these pants showed any signs of wear was on the calf region. They would fray due to horseback riding from the leg rubbing against the saddle. He owned two pairs in different colors and they lasted about a year. They were washed a couple of times a week in warm water and hung to dry.

Carhartt FR Denim Dungaree
  • Loose fit
  • Good quality
  • No-chafe seams
  • No evidence of tearing seams
  • Deep back pockets
This was the item Mike had the best things to say about. He loved the fit once they were broken in.

A coworker of his said, “You look like Spongebob Squarepants until you wear them a couple of times then they’re great”.

He said these lasted about 12-18 months and were washed twice a week in warm water and hung to dry.

Carhartt FR Sweatshirt
  • Very comfortable
  • Warm but not heavy
  • Starts to fray around the wrist
Mike said this is one of his favorite Carhartt items. It lasted a couple of years and he repurchased new ones every time he felt necessary. This sweatshirt was washed a once a week in warm water and hung to dry.

Carhartt FR Twill Shirt
  • Comfortable
  • Non-restrictive
  • Convenient pocket
Mike was pleased with this item. He said it lasted a couple of years and got worn out in the neck area, but the rest of the shirt was still perfect. It was washed a couple of times a week in warm water and lasted two years.

Carhartt Fire-Resistant Clothing Saves Him From A Potential Tragedy

Mike was wearing the Carhartt fire-resistant clothes during an unfortunate electrical accident on Halloween Day, 2003. While working on an underground transformer he was electrocuted. The transformer sent 10,000 amps of electric current into his body severely burning his hand and wrist, but miraculously the Carhartt fire-resistant clothes saved him from a much worse fate. When asked if he thinks the clothes helped during the accident there was a resounding “Yes”.

He continued to say, “I would’ve had full body burns if not for the [fire-resistant] clothes”. When asked about the clothing items worn that day he remembers wearing a Carhartt turtleneck, Carhartt cargo pants with an unknown brand of a jacket.

Carhartt Fire-Resistant Clothing Performance In Extreme Climates

When asked about the fabric he said the fabrics performed the way you wanted them to for that season. When it was hot in the summer the fabrics wouldn’t cling and in the winter they were insulated to keep you warm, but not heavy enough that they would feel cumbersome. This is contrasted heavily with the review for the first few years the company supplied fire-resistant clothes.
As anyone has been to Cleveland will know, the winters are brutally cold and windy and the summers are hot and humid. The Carhartt clothes withstood these conditions and served Mike well not only during inclement weather but during a nearly tragic accident.

How Fire-Resistant Clothing Has Improved

He said, “I don’t think I wore Carhartt when they first supplied us with clothes, but man were those clothes hot and heavy”.

He wore Carhartt clothes for the last twenty years of his career and has a very good perception of the brand and its quality. Even in his retirement, he continues to use the clothes.

Stay safe and protected with Carhartt fire-resistant gear. It’s perfect for factory workers, linesman, electricians, and oil field workers. We have boots, pants, shirts, and much more to last you many seasons to come.