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OSHA Approved Safety Gear

by Elizabeth Abdalla on July 07, 2020

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the regulator and enforcer of workplace safety and health requirements. They set the guidelines for procedures, guidelines, and equipment an employer must have in their facility. This blog will discuss OSHA approved safety gear, an employer’s obligation to provide it for you, and where to buy it.

OSHA Protective Gear Guidelines

It’s important to note that OSHA does not inspect pieces of equipment for approval. They merely set the requirements for safety that the company creating the gear must abide by them.

Penalties For Violating OSHA Procedure Guidelines

If there’s an accident on the job due to improper safety measures OSHA has the authority to penalize the business monetarily. These penalties range due to severity and frequency but at the high end of a first-time offender the amount could be $13,494 and on the high end for a repeat offender, the amount could be $134,937. This is why businesses should take safety precautions and safety gear seriously.

Types Of Safety Gear That Should Follow OSHA Requirements

Common pieces of equipment that should follow OSHA guidelines are headgear, gloves, masks, respirators, earmuffs/earplugs, coveralls, vests, and full bodysuits. Each piece of equipment has a code identification number that will state the requirements of that piece of equipment. Here’s an example of a code and set of requirements for protective footwear.

Check out OSHA’s personal protective equipment guide for information about requirements for various pieces of safety equipment.

Employer Obligation

Employers must perform a hazard assessment of their facilities to identify any accidents that can happen. Once this analysis is complete they will choose gear that fits the potential hazards.

Employers are required to:

  • Supply employees with safety gear
  • Train them on proper safety procedures
  • Replace worn or damaged safety gear
  • Inspect the effectiveness of safety gear and update it periodically

Employers are required to pay for:

  • Metatarsal foot protection
  • Replace worn or damaged safety gear
  • Rubber boots with steel toes
  • Replace worn or damaged safety gear
  • Safety goggles
    Face shields
  • Replace worn or damaged safety gear
  • Fire fighting PPE (helmet, gloves, boots, proximity suits, full gear)
  • Replace worn or damaged safety gear
  • Hard hats
  • Replace worn or damaged safety gear
  • Hearing protection
  • Welding PPE

Where To Buy OSHA Approved Gear

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