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Abform is your go-to provider for head to toe fire-resistant clothing and work apparel. We provide OSHA approved coveralls, jackets, shirts, pants, jeans, headwear, and masks to keep you safe. The clothing we supply is durable and breathable, but most come with desirable features like elastic waistbands, two-way zippers, tool pockets, side pockets, chest pockets, pen slots, and covered snaps for electric-arc protection. These materials and features make our clothing ideal for those working in the electrical, chemical, or oil occupations.

Clothing that is not fire-resistant will quickly incinerate when exposed to even a small flame. Those wearing flammable conventional clothing that has caught fire can experience severe burns and clothing that fuses to the skin.

Fire-resistant clothing is designed not to ignite when exposed to a fire or flame. If it does catch fire, it will quickly extinguish when the FR clothing is removed from the flame. In the event of a person being exposed to a fire or flame while wearing fire-resistant materials, the clothing is designed to keep a person safe by absorbing most of the heat on the outer layers to keep the wearer of the clothes burn-free. Fire resistant clothing is designed to be strong enough to keep its shape when exposed to a flame instead of turning to burnt shreds like conventional clothing.

Your employer should provide you with a list of recommended materials for your job. We carry the top brands of fire resistant clothing and workwear like Carhartt, Lapco, and Rasco and we would love to be your one-stop-shop for all your safety gear.

Fire Resistant

7oz. FR Henley Tee I Power Lineman


Westex UltraSoft® FR Face Mask


Westex® DH FR Face Mask


7oz. FR Gray Uniform Pants I 100% Cotton


FR Balaclava Hood | 95/5 Cotton Spandex Blend


6 oz. FR Pocket T-Shirt | 93/7 Knit


Men's FR Deluxe Coverall


Men's 5.5oz. FR Dress Uniform Shirt


7oz. FR UltraSoft AC® Uniform Shirts I Westex®


8.5oz. FR Moss Green Canvas Jeans I Westex® UltraSoft®


8.5oz. FR Navy Canvas Jeans I Westex® UltraSoft®


8.5oz. FR Khaki Canvas Jeans I Westex® UltraSoft®